Vijay Soni born at Bikaner Rajasthan, showed his musical gift and skill in his childhood. As a student in the school he stood out with his artistic qualities and inexhaustible capacities. He has given various programmes on TV and his various programmes have been broadcast by All India Radio. He has performed more than 5000 programmes all over India & abroad. He is always at ease in singing Bhajan, Jain Bhajan, Folk songs, Film songs and Ghazals. He has a strong team of Musicians, Dancers, Lady Singer to cater the demand as per the requirement of the show.
His rare artistic qualities got a boost when legendary film personality Raj Kapoor heard his voice and appreciated loudly.

His performance was also louded by well-known music Director Sri Ravindra Jain lyricist Hasarat Jaipuri and Dharmendra. He has rendered his voice as Play Back Singer also and has given various stage programmes with Bombay Artists.He has the distinction of having given very successful concerts at Bangkok, Singapore, London, USSR, Switzerland, Holland and Dubai.
Since 1993 Mr Soni started giving devotional performances and his Bhajans were very much liked by the devotees and in very short span of time he has brought out 300 audio cassettes and 100 CD's / VCD in his melodious voice. He has distinction to win 1st prize among 700 competitors for the voice of Mukesh at Strifort Auditorium New-Delhi and the judge was Legendry music director Sri Anil Biswas.
Audio companies like T-Series, JMD, Yuki, Vaishnow Sounds, BBM, Baba, Gathani have released his Cassette / CD / VCD which is more than 300 in numbers and consist of Bhajans for - Matarani, RaniSati, Dhandhan Sati, Khatu Shyamji, Hanumanji, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Bhairunath Guru Prayers, Baba Ramdeo ,Jain Bhajan etc . Some of his most popular Cassettes are: Hanuman Chalisa, Guru Aradhana, Bhootnath Bhajan Mala, Bhajan Ganga, Bhajan Sagar, Dadi Sumiran, Radhe Radhe Shyam Milade, Jai Shree Shayam, Shayam Salona Sanwara, Maiya Ka Darbar, Mera Shyam Bada Rangila, Radha Ka Shyam Deewana, Hari Sumiran, Hari Sharnam Mere Ram, Yaden Mukesh etc. Today Vijay Soni is a well-known figure among music lovers. His programmes are shown on Sanskar / Sadhana / Astha TV Channels regularly.
Recently a visit was made to Indonesia for a performance on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi.
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